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Farmington, UT USA
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March 11, 2019

How do we look at intimacy and sex through the eyes of wholeness? There are plenty of sources out there in the world that will teach the how to's of sex. Looking simply at the physical aspect of this powerful gift is neglecting the other 3 aspects of who we are: mental...

April 30, 2018

I live at the base of a mountain and I love to hike up and sit on my favorite rock when I’m searching for answers. Looking out over the valley often gives me a higher perspective on things than when I am sitting in my home stuck with a problem.

Two weeks ago I sat on my...

January 10, 2018

I find it is such a gift to meet new people and experience life through their eyes. One such person I have treasured meeting is a beautiful woman in my neighborhood. Holly Tennant is one of the purest souls you will ever meet. She speaks simply. She speaks boldly. She...