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Special for Returning

For the first time ever, we are allowing returning Bravehearts to experience this transformational event and pay what is best for their financial situation.


Instead of the regular $975 price, if you are struggling right now, please choose the discounted rate of $450. If you are doing OK financially, and feel like you can cover your costs in the program, please pay $550. If you are feeling abundant, and want to contribute a little extra to pay it forward for someone else, please pay $650. We trust you to ask your heart and pay what feels right for you. 

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What has changed in the online experience?

Bravehearts online is able to keep all your favorite aspects of Bravehearts - and add in SO MUCH MORE CONTENT! It is like taking Bravehearts to the next level. Our first manual was 25 pages - and the new manual, covering all the new content and topics is 75 pages!!! You will have 8 hours of online content for you to view and go back to ANY TIME! We are able to take things slower, deeper, and more expanded to strengthen your learning, creativity and growth! The weekly 2.5 hour zoom meetings are our time to really connect, go through the healing exercises, share what we are learning, ask questions, and cheer each other on to success!

What have Bravehearts said when they returned and did the program for a second time?

"I didn't come back because it didn't work. I came back because I knew it did work! I was too afraid to face the big issue in my life the first time I went and so I started with something simpler. Once I worked through that, it gave me confidence in the healing process. When I felt ready to tackle the biggest challenge of my life, and I knew Bravehearts was the place I could trust to help me through it."  - Myrlynn

"I needed Bravehearts the first time to give me the courage to go through with my third divorce. I made it through the divorce, but the emotional damage left me shattered. I had lost myself in three difficult marriages and felt like a failure. I came back to Bravehearts to find myself again. AND I DID!!! When I found myself and learned to love and value who I am, I attracted an amazing man in my life that SEES ME and honors me for who I am. I'm eternally grateful for Bravehearts!!! Thank you!!!!!" - Tina

"I came to Bravehearts after the death of my son and found the solace I needed to help me get through it. I realized years later, that I was still feeling like a victim, and felt like I was not in control of my life. I felt neglected in so many relationships in my life and was tired of feeling lonely and depressed. I came back to Bravehearts and for the first time in my life, feel like I am in control. I can handle my emotions and challenges. Sometimes the truth is hard, but if you will own it, and accept it, those painful truths can give you the wings to fly!!!"  - Jenn

"I came to Bravehearts not knowing what to expect. I was able to heal my relationship with my Mom that had suffered for many years. Once I found healing in that relationship, I realized there was another relationship that needed even more healing - my relationship with MYSELF! I came back the second time to heal my own relationship with ME!!! I feel free for the first time to truly love and accept myself!!!"  - Beth

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