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There is so much we can gain as we learn about our own heart. Learning how to listen to our heart, to trusting our heart, and to know the state of our heart empowers us! Our heart is the greatest strength we have.

When you learn how to understand the heart, and have tools to help you process the emotions of the heart, you are on your way to creating a pure and resilient heart - 

ready to face any challenges that come your way!

Ready to learn?


It is so important that each of us understands the power of our own heart, know how to connect to our own heart, and learn to listen to the voice of the heart. In this beginner class, also known as Heart 101, you will be taught all this and more! There are principles you will learn, worksheets, meditations, real-life stories and so much to ponder about the heart! You can watch the 6 video segments on demand. Sign up today to better understand your heart!  $19

"This class is a step by step course in connecting to the heart for beginners and

self-doubters. :)"


NETTIE G, Esthetician

"The way Robin teaches brings simplicity to a subject that is so complex. This journey will be etched in my heart forever."


BROOKE M, Consultant

Most of us are not even aware of our heart connection. You cannot heal what you cannot see! This class helps you identify the 5 different states of the heart. It also gives you a starting point for each state to get you on the path of healing. There are principles you will learn, worksheets, meditations, real-life stories and more! There are 8 video segments you can watch at your own pace. Sign up today to develop a greater connection with your heart!  $19

"The tools I have gained in these classes have helped me stay grounded and connected. But I have found they have also become tools to help me understand where other people are in my life. "


YVETTE W, Practitioner

Starting September 27, 2020, this 12-week online mentoring group will focus on what we are feeling in the heart, and give you powerful tools to process and manage those emotions from the heart. The result of this class will be increasing the strength and resiliency of your heart.

Mentoring includes:

* Weekly videos uploaded Sunday nights to teach you principles you can apply 

* Guided workbook and additional information available to download

* Weekly calls Thursday night for Robin to answer questions. (Send questions ahead of time. Calls are recorded and available.)

*Access to All Things Heart Forum to share experiences, ask questions, and connect.

               12-week program | $99 

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