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Welcome Women of Worth listeners! I am so excited to have you here. I hope you find something of value to help you on your journey to heal and strengthen your heart!

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Not sure how to connect to your heart?

I've got you. Click below for a free guided meditation to help you connect to your heart.

Reaching Out to the Sun

Why it matters...

As The Heart Whisperer, I know that you want to live life with passion and purpose. In order to do that you need to live from your whole heart. The problem is, because of the pain and trauma of life, we often disconnect from our hearts, making us feel powerless, unfulfilled, and numb. I

understand what life feels like to live without a heart connection. My pain caused me to search for my own heart healing. I believe the difference between living life with or without a heart connection, is like shifting from living in a black and white world, to a world full of color. Because I have walked this path and found healing, I know there is hope for you too!


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It is so important that each of us understands the power of our own heart, know how to connect to our own heart, and learn to listen to the voice of the heart. In this beginner class, also known as Heart 101, you will be taught all this and more! There are principles you will learn, worksheets, meditations, real-life stories and so much to ponder about the heart! You can watch the 6 video segments on demand. Sign up today to better understand your heart!  $19

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Most of us are not even aware of our heart connection. You cannot heal what you cannot see! This class helps you identify the 5 different states of the heart. It also gives you a starting point for each state to get you on the path of healing. There are principles you will learn, worksheets, meditations, real-life stories and more! There are 8 video segments you can watch at your own pace. Sign up today to develop a greater connection with your heart!  $19

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Sign up for the 12-week mentoring program and receive the Beginners Heart & States of the Heart Classes FREE! ($38 value)

(Bonus offer only available from this page)

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Starting September 1, 2020, this 12-week online mentoring group will focus on what we are feeling in the heart, and give you powerful tools to process and manage those emotions from the heart. The result of this class will be increasing the strength and resiliency of your heart.

Mentoring includes:

* Weekly videos uploaded Sunday nights to teach you principles you can apply 

* Guided workbook and additional information available to download

* Weekly calls Thursday night for Robin to answer questions. (Send questions ahead of time. Calls are recorded and available.)

*Access to All Things Heart Forum to share experiences, ask questions, and connect.

               12-week program | $99 

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Are you wondering where to begin?

Smart Phone Call


Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to share your unique life challenges with Robin and define where you want to go.


Together we will create a specific

plan, tailored to your needs,  to help you move forward, find healing and accomplish your goals.


See the passion and purpose increase in your life and relationships as you learn to connect to, listen to, and trust your heart again.

Are you ready to set your heart free?

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BraveHearts Healing Retreat for Women

DATE: September 24-26, 2020

TIME: 24th - 1 pm - 9 pm

           25th & 26th - 9 am - 9 pm

LOCATION: A private estate in Holladay, UT

There are hotel accommodations nearby.

Nearest airport: SLC International

COST: $599 for Wow Wednesday listeners

            (normally $699)

Many women are living with hearts that need healing. Take time to nurture and heal your heart at this transformative and innovative retreat so you can live more fully each day. Robin Johnson will guide you through this healing process in the privacy of your own heart. There are worksheets, meditations, and personal assistance to allow your journey to be unique and powerful for you. The BraveHeart's staff will create a safe environment for you to heal and grow. The retreat experience will include healing meditations, yoga, outdoor activities, and a

powerful, healing drum circle. Join the ranks of women who have claimed: “BraveHearts changed my life.”

I have helped hundreds of people through my private sessions, classes and retreats, find their way back to a healed and whole heart. I know there is a path to healing and happiness for you.

Sending you a big hug!

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