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Welcome friends! I look forward to getting to know each one of you. If you are here, I already know something about you - you have a big heart and a desire to help other people heal. What a gift to connect with you!


As we meet, you will be blessed beyond measure to connect with more like-hearted, like-minded women. I am honored to be a part of your journey and feel that this package will give you a complete range of tools to find healing and create the life you and your clients have hoped for.

This work has been more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined!! I know you can also find healing, hope, purpose and lasting joy as you develop your talents and gifts to benefit humankind. I hope you will reach out with any questions. Big hugs! 


Learn more about Bravehearts here.


Any healing journey must start within. To facilitate healing and growth for others authentically, you must have walked that path yourself.

The Bravehearts in-person retreat was designed to help women piece together the broken parts of their life, healing their trauma and pain so they are free to move forward with power, passion and purpose. Hundreds of women have exclaimed: "Bravehearts changed my life!"


Taking all of our power packed content, our new Bravehearts online Experience is an 8-week online healing journey. Weekly content, weekly calls and accountability will guide you into your own healing experience designed just for you.

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This 24-week online certification program will open doors for you as you become a heart-centered Life Coach. The program will train you using the ICF standards of Life Coaching.


In addition to your Life Coach practices, you will be taught tools and techniques to use with your coaching clients to help them live life whole-hearted. These heart centered tools will guide your clients to connect with the wisdom, power, divine connection, and truth of their own heart. They will find that the answers they are searching for are already within themselves. 

The program also includes basic training to help you establish your own Life Coach business. Robin's expertise in starting a business will save you months of struggling to learn on your own.

The Heart Coach Institute Website is coming soon!

Learn more about Life Coaching here.

Reiki Treatment

Learn more about the Reiki classes here.


Reiki is a natural healing technique that has many benefits to the body, mind, and soul. It relieves stress and tension, clears negative emotions, and removes energy blocks found in the body. When the energy of the body is balanced it opens up the pathways for the body to heal. This beautiful technique can be done for self and others.

Reiki training is a powerful way to explore your own intuitive gifts. If you are an empath, have the gift of intuition, or have the gift of hearing or seeing, these gifts will be beautiful tools in the success of your Reiki practice. Date for the Reiki training for this group will be determined by the group once we meet for BraveHearts.


The Complete Heart & Soul Package includes:

* The BraveHearts Experience             $975

The HCI Life Coach Certification      $2,999

* Reiki Level 1&2 Certification               $450







* * * SPECIAL * * *

This special savings of $924 is only available to those who are involved in the pilot program.

Space is LIMITED to 12 women for the pilot group. I hope to see you there! Invite a sister, a friend, or a neighbor to join you and get ready for some life transformation!

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