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Many people are struggling to manage their emotions. This course offers practical tools and techniques to help you use your emotions to empower you rather than deplete you. Knowing how to manage our emotions helps create heart resiliency and gives you the power and freedom to enjoy your life.



This course was requested by those who have come through my retreats or personal mentoring sessions and have felt the tools they have been given were something they would use again and again in their lives. I have created this course to be able to focus more in-depth on teaching simple tools you can use to be empowered with your emotional health. 

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"My life will be different now because I have tools that I can use to work through my emotions. I know how to shift negative core beliefs and see the truth."



We are taught how to manage our time,  our money, and our physical body, but we are rarely taught how to manage our emotions. Our emotions are a powerful part of our human experience. Emotions teach us what we love, what we hate, what we are passionate about, and what we don't want to experience again. Emotions give meaning to life! 

Many people get so overwhelmed with their negative emotions that they disconnect from their heart to avoid feeling them. Without our heart connection, life becomes dull, empty and passionless. The moment we loosen our grip on our negative emotions, we are free! Free to live, to love, to maintain our heart connection. When we know how to feel, acknowledge and process our emotions, nothing gets buried inside of us and we don't need to disconnect from our heart.

Join Robin in this mentoring group as she teaches you tools to build heart resiliency. You will learn:

• why emotions are so important to our lives 

• how to process your emotions and 'choose in' to feeling

• which emotions deplete you or renew you

• DIY techniques to change negative emotions

• the power of positive emotions 

• heart tools for managing emotions

• how to live & love with an open heart

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Happy Family

Course Info:

Course Content

​Module 1| January 3

Module 2| January 10

Module 3| January 17

Module 4| January 24

Module 5| January 31

Module 6| February 7

Module 7| February 14

Module 8| February 21

Module 9| February 28

Module 10| March 7th

Module 11| March 14th

Module 12| Match 21st

Weekly Call

​Module 1| January 7

Module 2| January 14

Module 3| January 21

Module 4| January 28

Module 5| February 4

Module 6| February 11

Module 7| February 18

Module 8| February 25

Module 9| March 4

Module 10| March 11

Module 11| March 18

Module 12| Match 25

DATE: Starts January 3, 2020

LENGTH: 12-week course



  Watch anytime.

• WEEKLY HOMEWORK to download



  THUR @ noon. Robin will answer          questions. Calls are recorded.


  Private discussion group for class

COST:  12-week program | $99 


A mentor is someone who wants to guide you while you learn new information and help you to incorporate it into your life. They provide some accountability and give you motivation to keep going. They love to answer questions, help you find your own answers, and support your path of learning.

I am so excited to mentor you through this path of learning about the heart. Ask questions! Tell me how I can support you and be here for you! I LOVE to see people learn about their own heart!

THW gradation.jpg

"It is empowering to have love and support while you learn new tools.

Now I understand how to handle my emotions and connect with my heart."




People young and old who are ready to take responsibility for their emotions, their decisions, and their happiness. People who are ready to learn tools and techniques that can be used throughout your life to manage emotions. People who are ready to release the pain or anxiety of the past and reconnect to their heart.



People who don't like online learning. People who don’t want to change and who aren’t ready to let go of their challenges. People who are not ready to move forward, and progress. People who are looking for a quick fix without the work.


You can expect to get out as much as you put in. If you do the homework, and watch the videos, you will find a new kind of freedom for your heart. You will have tools to know how to handle the negative emotions in your life. You will be free to love, free to feel, free to enjoy life. You will have a newfound appreciation for your life experiences.

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Teenagers in Nature

Tools for the Heart FAQ

How do I access class materials?   

Everything is hosted on theheartwhisperer.com website. You will be sent a link to the class content page once you register.

What are the dates of the class?        

September 27- December 16, 2020 


What if I miss a class or phone call?       

All class content will be released on the dates given above and then will be available to watch on-demand.

How do I submit a question for Robin?

There will be a form on the content page for you to submit questions to Robin for the weekly call. Please submit questions before the live call. 

How do I access the forum?           

There will be a link on the content page for you to access the forum.

Does this have anything to do with religion?

I do not discuss religion in the class. I am Christian and have learned many things about the heart from Christ and from scripture. I may reference a Bible story or speak of Christ, but we will not discuss religion. Many of the principles taught in the course are based on Christian values.


Can my family watch the videos too?                     

Immediate family members living under the same roof can share the content. Aunts, cousins, or grandparents, (extended family) must register for their own experience to be a part of the class. Thank you for being trustworthy on this policy. 

Why are teens free?        

I have a great concern for the growing number of teen suicides. I want teens to have a community, tools, and resources to help them navigate through the difficult years of growing up. This is my way to support and give back to the community. Thank you for being trustworthy on this policy. The code for teens to use at check-out is: "freeteen"

Can I start partway through?           

Ideally, joining the course at the beginning for week 1 and participating in the weekly mentoring calls will allow you to get the most out of the program. However, if you enroll after the program has started the past modules will be available for you to watch on-demand.

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