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California Sunset on picture soft

Robin's beautifully crafted sessions, art,

classes & retreats provide hope, healing and peace :

a fresh start for your heart.


"Robin Johnson has a gift not common in today's world. She not only further opened my consciousness to realms outside this world, but literally unlocked my heart from within to a refreshed self love my soul had been waiting for."    -  JEFF OLSEN, Author  "Knowing"

"Robin has honed her unique intuitive gifts to retrieve the "knowing" within the heart. After just one in-person session, she connected me to a peace I haven't felt since I was a child. One of those miracle moments in life that teaches you a deeper meaning of compassion. She has blazed a trail to my heart that is very personal. Empowering me to take daring action in life with faith, hope and certainty."

-  BRADLEY DIDERICKSEN, Business Advisor 

"Robin graciously and lovingly guides you to release what hinders you and to embrace new tools for emotional and spiritual growth. Robin is a tsunami of love. I feel washed clean."

- DEBRA BRYANT, Ski Instructor

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