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Unlock the wisdom and

healing of your heart

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Heart-Centered Life Coaching and Healing


Lacking passion and direction for life?

Living with pain and trauma?

In relationships that are unfulfilling?

Being guided by limiting or false beliefs?

Lacking power to create the life you want?

Feeling hopeless that things will never change?

Are you ready to heal from the past and create the future you want? 

As the Heart Whisperer, Robin has a variety of tools to offer you on your journey. To help heal the past, book a session with Robin or participate in her BraveHearts retreat to find the healing you are looking for. To create something new in your future, life coaching will be the ticket to get you there!


Robin is a tsunami of love. I feel washed clean.

Fan Club 2

Every woman is your sister.
We rise by lifting each other.

Would you like to be a part of a

heart-centered community of women?

Our sisterhood is designed to support women to find healing for their heart, strengthen their heart connection, and learn how to apply their

heart to every aspect of their lives.

Feel unconditional love and support as women lift each other, teach and inspire each other to

achieve authentic, whole-hearted living.

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The Five States of the Heart

Did you know there are different states of the heart? Our heart connection is so important!

Being aware of our heart connection can help us understand where to begin our healing. 

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I have created an online class to teach people how to recognize the different states of the heart, and

what steps to take to begin healing your heart connection. You can begin healing your heart connection today!

What can the Heart Whisperer do for you?

This video will share a little bit about my story and talk about who I can help.

There is hope for healing! Know that you don't have to struggle alone.

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Where to begin?

Smart Phone Call


Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to share your unique life challenges with Robin and define where you want to go.


Together we will create a specific

plan, tailored to your needs,  to help you move forward, find healing and accomplish your goals.


See the passion and purpose increase in your life and relationships as you learn to connect to, listen to, and trust your heart again.


success stories


"I love myself for the first time

in 34 years. I feel free!"


"BraveHearts has changed my life forever. I can never repay these women for what they have restored to me: to open my heart and help me remember who I am."

"The biggest change I came away with is that I feel like it's OK to be a woman."


"Robin has a gift not common in today's world. She not only further opened my consciousness, but literally unlocked my heart from within to a refreshed self love my soul had been waiting for."

"Robin graciously and lovingly guides you to release what hinders you and to embrace new tools for emotional and spiritual growth."


"Robin has honed her unique intuitive gifts to retrieve the "knowing" within the heart. After one session, she connected me to a peace I haven't felt since I was a child. One of those miracle moments in life that teaches you a deeper meaning of compassion. She has blazed a trail to my heart that is very personal, empowering me to take daring action in my life with faith, hope, and certainty.


Want help teaching your children about their heart?

Life is always better when there is love at home.

Robin is designing a series of lessons you can share with your family at home to teach them how to understand their heart. 


Try the first lesson for FREE and get an update when all six lessons are available for you to purchase. Lessons are based in scripture and have activities, worksheets, games and more to help make learning about the heart fun!

Not sure how to connect to your heart?

I've got you. Click below for a free guided meditation to help you connect to your heart.

Reaching Out to the Sun

Why it matters...

As The Heart Whisperer, I know that you want to live life with passion and purpose. In order to do that you need to live from your whole heart. The problem is, because of the pain and trauma of life, we often disconnect from our hearts, making us feel powerless, unfulfilled, and numb.


I believe the difference between living life with or without a heart connection, is like shifting from living in a black and white world, to a world full of color. 


I understand what life feels like to live without a heart connection. My pain caused me to search for my own heart healing. I learned Heart Centered Therapy, trained with the Heart Math Institute, and searched the scriptures to find answers. I have helped hundreds of people through my private sessions, classes and retreats, find their way back to a healed and whole heart. I know there is a path to healing and happiness for you.

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When you listen to, trust, and follow your heart,

your life will change.

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