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Is your life what you want it to be?

Do you know how powerful you are?

You are connected to a power that’s greater than any circumstance or problem you are currently facing, no matter how big those problems seem, or how long they’ve existed.

As your coach, Robin helps you to tap into the wisdom, greatness and infinite potential that is already inside you.

You'll be more empowered than you've ever been and set free to live a life you love living.

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Where to begin?

Smart Phone Call


Schedule a free 30-minute  consultation to share your unique life challenges and goals with Robin and define where you want to go.

Together we will create a specific

plan, tailored to your needs,  to help you move forward, finding power and purpose in your life. We will outline the steps you'll need to take to accomplish your goals.


See your confidence and purpose increase in your life as you set clear goals, overcome barriers, and begin to manifest your dreams.


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A life coach does for the other areas of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness. A life coach helps an individual focus on their present life, make any necessary adjustments (big or small) and helps them move forward to achieve positive goals in their personal and professional life. Coaching helps people identify the obstacles that keep getting in their way, assists them with finding motivation, and pinpointing resistance to change. The coach acts as a partner to the client, assisting the client in creating a vision for their life and developing strategies for reaching those visions. And here is a little secret about life coaching:

This may be a surprise to you or it may be a relief to you! (haha) Do you know what the #1 job of a life coach is? To LISTEN. Robin will actively listen to you with all of her heart. As she listens, she will be able to reflect back to you the challenges of your life. By asking powerful questions, she will guide you to find your own answers, and that is where the magic lies! When you find your own solutions, as guided by your heart, you will have the commitment to implement them. This happens with clients over and over again! 

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Good listening works magic...
Listen intently, intentionally.

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Robin, I could feel your passion for what you do. You listened from your heart with authenticity. I felt your unconditional love and concern for my life, my happiness and my success. THANK YOU for supporting me in achieving my goals! "






ACCOUNTABILITY. A coaching session always begins with accountability. Having someone to report to can make the difference between a goal done, and a goal forgotten.

VISION. Next we will look at your focus for the week. What are you wanting to achieve? What is your vision?

BARRIERS. What has stopped you from achieving that in the past? What might get in the way? What's showing up for you?

ACTION. We will explore new solutions and possibilities. As we explore all avenues of your goal and what it will take to get there, you will find your next step to take. 

RESULTS. With clear action steps, motivation to move forward, and accountability, you have all that you need to create the life you dream of!

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As a life coach, my primary role is to help my clients design a life that they truly love living, and then help them turn that life into their living, breathing reality.





Coaching is a journey you will walk with Robin. The packages are set up in according to the amount of help and change you are desiring in your life. Here is a general overview of what you might expect:

Bronze package | 4 Sessions

Created for people who need a boost in their business, their career, or their life. Robin supports you as you re-focus, identify and clear barriers, set goals, gain traction, and you will be on your way!

Silver package | 8 Sessions

Created for people who are at a crossroads in their life, ready to make changes in relationships, career, or life vision. Robin helps you break down what was working and not working from the past, create a vision and plan to move into the future, and helps you implement goals and establish firm patterns of new behavior.

Gold package | 12 Sessions

Created for people who are ready for an overhaul in their life, breaking down old patterns of behavior or thought, while releasing trauma and pain from the past. Robin helps you harness the power of your heart to find your passion and purpose, aligns you with truth and your core values, empowers you with creation principles to help you create a new future, supports implementation of new goals, and helps you establish patterns for success for your new future.

All packages include a BONUS discovery session where we will analyze what is working and what is not working in your life. You will be able to choose the direction you want to focus on and create a custom plan of action to get you there. Packages also include weekly or bi-weekly 60 minute meetings, in person or online, with Robin. During your coaching program, you will be able to text or email Robin with questions. You will also have two 15-minute calls each month to get support as needed.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with Robin to share your goals and challenges to determine what package would support you in your life.
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I wasn't sure what to expect with life coaching. It helped me to stay focused and in a good mindset. I can really appreciate the value now of goal setting, accountability, and seeing things with a new perspective. I gained so much from working together!"




I will never forget this! 

I had just finished my very first paid client coaching session. I felt good about the session and the client was getting ready to leave. She turned to me and her eyes were glistening with tears that were just about to fall. I asked if she was OK? She replied, "I have always struggled to be heard in my life. I always feel that no one is listening to me. After our time together today, I feel heard and I feel seen. Thank you for this gift!"  I consider it an honor and a sacred walk to join you on your life path. - Robin



An advisor will tell you what to do. A mentor will teach you from their experiences. A therapist will help you heal your past. A life coach is there to listen to you - to support you as you do the work - to ask powerful questions as you make your decisions - to look for patterns, barriers, and obstacles that may be keeping you stuck. Your coach is looking for your blind spots to help you avoid unnecessary pain and struggle on your journey. 

Life coaching is giving you a coach, a cheerleader, an accountability partner. Someone who will walk this journey of creation with you saving you time and money as you create. So here are some questions you can ponder:

*  Do you like to be supported as you work?

*  Do you like to process your problems verbally?

*  Do you like to have deadlines with accountability?

*  Do you want help breaking down your goal and creating achievable steps?

*  Do you feel alone and wish you had a partner to support you?

*  Do you struggle to know how to change patterns of the past?

*  Do you have goals and dreams that you have not been able to achieve?

*  Do you want radical change in your life but don't know where to begin?

*  Do you need to get over, or get through a relationship?

*  Are you ready to make big changes in your life?

If you said yes, to any of those questions, a life coach would be a great fit!

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" I am so grateful for the time I spent working with Robin as my life coach. I have tried going to therapists a few times in the past, but was never able to make much progress on changing negative thoughts and behavior patterns. But after just a few months working with Robin I have made a lot of progress. Robin is so kind and wise, and helped me connect with my heart and deeply held beliefs underlying my thoughts and actions. She helped me see my problems in a new light and then work on practical goals. Thank you!!





Many times in our lives, what is stopping us from achieving our goals and dreams are the memories, pain or failures of the past. It's not just you - EVERYONE struggles to overcome the limiting beliefs, fears, and affects that our life challenges have had on us.


When something comes up that is holding you back, she has the tools and abilities to work with you outside of the coaching experience to help you heal the past. You can process, heal and overcome the limitations of the past. Once the healing is complete, you'll jump right back into the coaching experience and you will be back on track moving forward.

There is no magic and no miracle to accomplishing your dreams! Dreams are created by daily, consistent actions that move you in the right direction. Having clear action steps, releasing limitations that are holding you back, having accountability and someone to guide you through the steps, will increase your commitment and level of success! This is your chance! This is your moment! Let's make this happen!!!



Life coaching

Have you ever considered becoming a life coach? Robin has designed a Heart-Centered Life Coach training program that is accredited through the International Coaching Federation. ICF is the gold standard for life coaching and our Life Coaching Certification training is a Level 1 Education Provider.

To learn more about the Heart Coach Institute, and how becoming a life coach might be the next big step in your life, click the link below to learn more!

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