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Teaching Reiki

I LOVE teaching Reiki. It has been my desire to teach since I finished my Level 1 Reiki Class. Over the last 5 years, I have taught over 90 Reiki Classes and I have learned SO MUCH in the process! I have many students who have a desire to teach and so I have created a class to help Teach the TEACHER. In this class you will learn: How to prepare yourself as a teacher, How and what to prepare for each level, How to answer the difficult questions, How to manage a group of people and difficult students, What to charge and how to take payment, The best class size and space requirements, The most cost effective way to prepare manuals, How and where to save money with class supplies, What class supplies are really necessary, How to handle the range of abilities with students, and so much more . . .

THIS FRIDAY: JULY 21 from 9am - 1 pm Go to TheHeartWhisperer.com to register or call 801.628.9123. Class is held at Serena Wholeness Center: 144 E. 1200 S. Centerville, UT. Cost is $95. Come learn from my mistakes and be prepared to have fun!!

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