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In Gratitude to Boundless Hearts

I was coming home today when an accident happened right in front of me. Two cars both tried to make it through a yellow light. The problem was one was turning and the other was going straight. They collided right in the middle of the intersection and I was the next car on the scene. I panicked and thought “What do I do?” I watched first to see if the people were moving. The passengers of the car that was turning seemed fine since I could see they were talking. I could only see through the back window of the other and couldn’t tell if the driver was OK. I pulled over and called 911 to report the accident. By now, more traffic was coming. The two crunched up cars were blocking the middle of everything! I wanted to get out of my car and run to make sure the other driver was OK. But I wondered how I would do that safely? Traffic was coming from all sides now. I realized at that point I was blocking the turning lane causing cars to go around me. I pulled through the intersection and found a safer place to stop. I could see now the driver of the other vehicle was on her phone so I was grateful for that, but traffic was becoming a crazy mess! I just wanted to get to the accident victims and make sure they were calm but I couldn’t see where it would be safe to cross since the rest of the cars seemed to be self-directing traffic. I said a silent prayer hoping the emergency vehicle would arrive soon.

The first police car arrived and pulled right in front of them, jumped out of his vehicle and ran to the passengers. Then a second and a third police car pulled up. Without hesitation, they all moved into action throwing yellow traffic vests on as they walked over to untangle the mess of cars. I watched in awe as they headed right into traffic. I saw how efficiently and carefully they handled the wreck. They seemed to take no thought for any personal danger they were facing as they quickly created order to ensure the safety of everyone else around them. Pure selflessness. I watched in awe as they handled the problem with grace and ease.

About this time, I remembered the very first session I did a Reiki session for an emergency responder. He was a paramedic. I was using Reiki to balance the energy of his chakras and found nothing out of the ordinary until I got to his heart. I felt something in his heart that I had never felt before. The heart chakra seemed to have no boundaries...no edges. I am not always conscious of or looking for the size of a chakra. I just noticed that this one felt different than all the other chakras I had worked on for him. There seemed to be no end to the reaching of his heart.

I realized this man was born with a desire to save the world, to care more about others than himself, and to extend love and comfort to all those around him. His heart was in perfect alignment with his profession. It was beautiful to see such a heart! It was humbling and inspiring. Since that time, I have noticed a similar heart in many professions: doctors, policeman, nurses, military personnel, paramedics, etc. These people are choosing professions where people need their help or protection. They come to this Earth with a heart ready to serve.

So next time you see a policemen putting himself on the line, or a nurse gently taking care of a patient, honor the goodness of their hearts. The next time you see a military man or woman, thank them for their courage, their dedication and their service. God be thanked for filling this world with those who have a heart big enough to save us all. I honor all of you.



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