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Intimacy vs. Sex

How do we look at intimacy and sex through the eyes of wholeness? There are plenty of sources out there in the world that will teach the how to's of sex. Looking simply at the physical aspect of this powerful gift is neglecting the other 3 aspects of who we are: mental, emotional, spiritual. I loved this quote from Marianne Williamson.

To become intimate with something we must have a close personal connection to it. How can we say we are intimate with someone when we do not know their heart? If we do not understand their spirit? Or we do not connect to their thoughts and their mind? Close personal relations cannot exist without connections on all of these levels. So here is a simple and beautiful invitation...take time to CONNECT. Connect heart to heart with the one you love. Look into their eyes and really SEE who the are. Speak your thoughts and when they speak, LISTEN with your heart. Share your dreams and ENVISION LIFE TOGETHER. See each others divinity. Help each other rise to be a better person. There is so much more to create in a relationship than merely the physical aspect of having sex. True intimacy is there for you. Deep connections can be yours.

Men may or may not feel the need for the deep emotional connection. Enjoying sex on a physical level is often fulfilling for them. Find the balance. Find the way to meet both of your needs. A woman's desire for deep intimacy, and a man's desire to be fulfilled physically are both good. Both can be right. Validate both needs and be creative in how to support each others' desires.

If you are ready to take the next step in your relationship, I have a gift for you. Set aside 20 minutes to do this meditation with the one you love. My husband and I did this meditation after 28 years of marriage and it was one of the most intimate experiences we have ever had. Stay fully clothed. Sit on two chairs close together, facing each other. The rest of the instructions are in the meditation. Click on the link here.

This world encourages us to disconnect. We text instead of talk. We connect to our phone instead of connecting to each other. I invite you to CONNECT with your spouse. Connect deeply from your heart, from your spirit, from your mind, and you will find that a whole new level of physical connection is possible for you. It is passionate, it is intimate, it is whole, and deeply fulfilling.

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