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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

In my teenage years, when my depression started, I was often filled with negative emotions: sadness and anger, being hurt or feeling lonely, not feeling good enough to name a few. I didn't know what to do with these emotions so I tried to bury them inside of me. The pain of these emotions often caused me to disconnect from my emotional heart. I felt empty but that was slightly better than feeling pain. I didn't have much of a choice since I didn't have any tools to help me.

As I began my journey as The Heart Whisperer, I prayed to know what tools would help people. I wanted to empower people with the ability to deal with their emotions. There is no way to escape pain in this world - but you can be prepared with emotional tools to support you. When we know how to process and feel our emotions, nothing gets buried inside of us and we don't need to disconnect from our heart. These tools can help us deal with our feelings and they are the tools that can help us create a change of heart.

Tools from Dad

My dad was an amazing builder. To a young girl, it seemed like there was nothing he could not build! He shingled roofs, he built sheds, he even built us a treehouse! It was so miraculous to watch his creation take shape. I loved being his sidekick and so when I was 7 years old, I asked for a toolbelt for Christmas. I wanted to be right there beside him as he worked and having the right tools made all the difference. It was one of my favorite Christmas presents that I ever received.

Tools for Healing

Using tools for emotional healing is simpler than you think.

A few years ago I was driving alone on the freeway and I remembered a conversation that hurt me so deeply in my early 20's. The pain was still right there any time I tapped into that memory. I realized I finally had tools to deal with it!

First, I honored my emotions. I acknowledged the pain I felt by their comments. I had compassion for myself as a young girl that was hurt, remembering how those words had damaged my self-esteem. I had never spoken to the person that hurt me about their words. I allowed myself, while alone in my car, to imagine having a conversation with that person. I imagined they were in the car with me as I shared my my pain and explained my feelings. When I finally expressed my feelings, instead of holding them inside, I was ready to accept what had happened. In that moment of releasing the pain and accepting what happened, I was saw the situation clearly. For the first time, twenty+ years after the incident, I could see another possible meaning behind their words. For the first time, I could see the situation without any malice. Finally, I was able to let it go of the anger I had felt towards them, and was ready to own my responsibility in being offended. I was able to align myself back with truth. You can also use this process to find resolution from difficult conversation.

Try these steps:

1) Become AWARE of what you are feeling and honor those emotions

2) FINISH a conversation in person, with a letter, or to their higher self

3) ALIGN yourself with truth. Be open to all possibilities of seeing the situation

This is just one of the examples of the tools in action. These are just samples of the tools I teach. I know that you can learn tools to help you find relief from those things that challenge you emotionally! Feeling our emotions, rather than burying them, is so important! Having the tools to deal with our negative emotions will empower you to keep your heart open, and be free to enjoy life more!

When my Dad gave me tools to work with, I was able to start developing my skills as a builder. I had tools to solve any problems that came up: A loose screw? A nail that needed to be removed? A window to measure? I could handle it. You will also find that as you put these emotional tools in your toolbelt, you will be prepared to handle life's challenging situations: A hard conversation? A huge disappointment? Feeling insecure? You got this.

Are you ready to build something?

If you would like to learn these empowering tools, I hope you will join me in my Tools for the Heart Mentoring program! In this 12 WEEK MENTORING PROGRAM you will learn the effect of emotions, learn tools to put in your toolbelt, and each week you will have access to a LIVE call so you can ask questions and get help with what you are learning. I am excited to guide you through this. Let's work together to BUILD emotional resilience.

Have a blessed week!


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