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The Beatles knew what the world needs. Love is such a powerful tool for transformation.

I was reading the scriptures one day and I found some negative things about the heart. It said someone rejoiced in their heart because somebody else was sad and I thought, “That can't be right. You can't rejoice in your heart over someone’s sadness -- the heart would never do that!”

can the heart be negative?

I pondered that for several days and I came to understand that anything can be defiled. Anything can be changed. You can have a healthy, strong, amazing, physical body that deteriorates if you feed it horrible food, never exercise it, and fail to get enough sleep. You can further damage it with drugs or alcohol. You literally change the state of the physical body. Understand that the heart is the same way.

In its purest state, the heart is full of love, charity and compassion. If we are holding negative emotions in the heart there's no room for love, there's no room for compassion and there's no space for charity. If these negative emotions have taken over the heart, then bringing love back into the heart to change it, is a simple tool.

the couple on the rocks

Several years ago, I photographed a couple that was struggling in their marriage. (this story and photos are shared with their permission. -Robin Johnson Photography) The session was not an ordinary photo session. It was intended to create healing for them. The silence in the car as we drove to the location was my first indication of how difficult things were between them. I remember seeing their stiffness with each other as we walked from the car to the location and I wasn’t sure where to begin. It felt safe to start with something they loved.

I sat them down facing each other on a big rock facing and asked them to tell each other five things they loved about their relationship when things were working. Even though they were close in proximity, they were miles apart in many ways. Slowly, they started sharing.

body language

After a minute, the wife put her hand on his knee. As they continued to talk, the husband soon crossed his leg over hers. Soon there were tears and the wife leaned over to have a shoulder to cry on. The husband rubbed her back. I was twenty feet away to give them some privacy, but the body language I was seeing was speaking loud and clear.

The walls had begun tumbling down just by connecting to their hearts and to love. It was a powerful and moving experience. The session continued and the connection they had been longing for came back. They remembered why they fell in love.

Five years later, they are still together, and those photos still hang on their bedroom wall.

Connecting to love is a step that you can take to release negative emotions and invite love back in. Love is a way to change the state of the heart so never underestimate the power of connecting to love. You can start with this simple idea:

make your love list

Try making a list of things you love and read the statements out loud: (here’s my list)

- I love to go for a ride in my car with the windows down and the music playing

- I love time with my husband on a date night or better yet – on a trip!

- I love to sit outdoors in the rain, wrapped in a blanket while reading a good book

- I love the sights, sounds, and smells of nature

- I love a good bike ride on a sunny day listening to my Christian rock playlist

As you do this simple exercise, you are connecting back to things you are passionate about. Even simply SAYING the word LOVE - - OUTLOUD - - will raise your vibration!! You will bring love back into your heart. Let that love fill you.

So remember - if you are feeling down, the tool and frequency of L.O.V.E. is all you need. Turn on that great Beatles classic and you will be dancing soon!

Have a beautiful week!

Blessings to you,


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