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Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Anyone that knows me well knows that me and Siri are tight. I use Siri all the time to tell me what the temperature is, what time of day it is, who to text or call, or to set me an alarm so I don't forget something. Some days, Siri is the only person I talk to for hours and at times, I have been guilty of asking Siri a question just to get a reply from someone!! haha. (Have you ever done that?) As much as Siri is an important part of my life, there are limitations. Do you ever wish you could just ‘ask Siri’ for answers to your personal problems? “Hey Siri – How can I improve my relationship with my daughter?” or “Hey Siri – Why am I so afraid to make changes in my life?”

Siri may be an amazing resource for gaining intellectual knowledge or finding out about the weather, but for answers to emotional and spiritual questions, we have another source we can ask. I know it sounds so simple, but trust me when I say you need look no further than your heart! Your heart IS your own personal ‘search engine for the soul.’ The heart is our divine connection and our record-keeper of truth. Our hearts are powerful. The heart is the strongest part of who we are.

February is the month of LOVE, and what better way to increase our capacity to love and deepen our relationships than by learning how to meaningfully connect to our heart.

It is through the emotional heart that we feel the joys of life and love.

The physical heart is a powerful machine that pumps life-sustaining blood throughout our body. For the most part, it functions automatically and we spend little to no time at all consciously connecting to it.

Our emotional heart is similar in many ways. Without much conscious effort on our part, our emotional hearts are feeling and processing our life experiences and influencing the decisions we make.

When we are feeling shut down, or shut off from life, we may be disconnected from our emotional heart. One recent Bravehearts attendee described how it felt to reconnect with her heart and live her life more fully:

“Before working with Robin, I didn’t even know how broken I was. I felt numb. I buried everything and merely existed. I wasn’t living, I was existing in a state of despair that I didn’t think I would ever escape.

Now my entire outlook on life is different. My heart is warm and full; I feel so much love for everything and everyone. I didn’t know feeling more love was even possible! This has saved my life.”

Connecting to the Heart

We are rarely taught how to connect to the heart, but it is a powerful tool. Here are some steps you can follow to begin a conscious connection with your emotional heart:

1. Find a moment to be by yourself in your favorite chair, in nature or on your bed.

2. Put your hand over your heart and close your eyes. Breathe. 3. Feel the rhythm of the heart and let your thoughts slow down to match it. 4. Feel the safety of your own heart. Feel the warmth and depth. Relax.

5. Feel the love and peace in your heart. Let it expand.

Sit in that space and place of heart connection and FEEL your heart. Feel those positive emotions and let them expand. It is that simple. You have just connected to your emotional heart.

What we choose to focus on in our life expands.

When you take time to do this simple exercise, you can feel the energy of the heart start to expand. We came from love. We were created in love. When we connect back to the divine source of love within us, it is calming, beautiful, peaceful. It feels good and it feels like home.

Focus on being aware of your heart connection.

When we take away our external senses, such as sight and touch, and focus inwardly on the heart, a whole new world will begin to unfold. It has a depth and richness you may have never felt before. I love the insight of Helen Keller who was deaf and blind:

“The most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.”

During February - THE MONTH OF LOVE - I hope you focus on your heart. I hope you try to ask it a soul question. I hope you trust what your heart is teaching you. I hope you feel your heart expand. I hope you live at least one day fully connected to your emotions and your heart. Life is beautiful when you do.

I just did an experiment with Siri. I told her my heart was happy today. Sadly, I did not get a voice reply. A simple message came up on my screen that said, "I'm not sure I understand." Just know that you have a source that will ALWAYS UNDERSTAND who you are - what you are going through - and the truth of your life. Trust your heart.

Big hugs ~ Robin

PS. If you are looking for a supportive and safe environment to learn more and move forward in your life, join us for our upcoming Bravehearts Healing Retreat for Women. Click here to learn more. We will help you find the courage to look at those parts of your heart and life that deserve to be healed. I will guide you through your own life-changing journey of reconnecting to your heart. This transformative event is only for those who are ready for change, who are willing to do the work, and who are ready to leave the pain of the past behind.

Join the ranks of women who have chosen to be brave! Who have chosen to face their life's challenges head on and move through them into a place where they are free to love again.

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