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Remember to Breathe...

I am getting ready to launch some new things for the business and I have been overwhelmed more than once lately. My good friend, Sophia, recently asked if she could pray for me and what I needed specifically for her to pray for?

> > Could we just pause right there in the story??

First of all, praise God that I have a friend like that. What a gift to give someone your faith! Sophia thank you for being a light in this world. What kindness to see someone in need and have a desire to support them. I wondered why I don't offer to pray for and pray with people more? I want to be that kind of friend.

When she asked, I paused to think since I didn't know what would help. I finally said, "Please pray that I will remember to breathe."

I was thinking of the physical breath. My physical body. When we breathe deeply we send a message to our body that we can relax and everything will be OK. I needed that. My body and mind needed that.

But this week, I found a quote, that gave me a different perspective on my request and helped me understand the needs of my feeling heart:

How powerful!

I have asked in my letters to God for Him to teach me about my connection to Him through the heart. I still have many questions, but this much I know:

We have a direct and divine connection to God through our feeling heart.

If you want to be closer to Him, seek Him from your heart. If you can't feel God in your life, check your heart before you doubt if He is there. When we shut down our heart, we shut down that divine connection and it is hard to find Him.

The breath of the heart is the remembrance of God. It is God that gave us the breath of LIFE! That is how we keep the emotional heart healthy and alive - breathe in the love that God has for you. So, let your heart breathe today! Stay connected to Him. He is there. Just open your heart and let His love enter in.

Be well my friends! Sending you love.

PS. Not only did my friend pray for me, she sent me this incredible song that she uses in her morning routine. I hope you will listen to it and bring the breath of God into your heart, your mind, your spirit, your body, your soul. Cheers.

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Beautiful post Robin! Friends and prayer are so powerful. And that quote!!!! 💜

Replying to

Thanks friend! Yes -- the quote!!! So beautiful.

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