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In December of 2018, a beautiful and courageous woman showed up at BraveHearts. She was struggling. She had 3 kids under the age of 2. Her husband was serving in the military and had not been home for months. She had reached her breaking point. Her husband reached out to me and asked how he could sign her up for Bravehearts. He was worried about her. Here is her experience in her own words:

"I was at a point where I didn't know how I would keep being a mom, keep staying alive, or keep wanting to live. My life felt very hopeless. I felt incapable of doing what I needed to do and of being a mom to my kids.

A weakened heart

Before Bravehearts I had actually gone to the doctor. I hadn't been feeling well and my heart had a lot of problems. My heart wasn't functioning very well and I was put on some medication. I remember driving away that day from the doctor’s office thinking “I'm 25! This can't be happening!” and I knew it was just all the stress that I was dealing with in my life. At Bravehearts I literally felt something happening inside of me and I said to the group, “I think that my heart is being healed -- like physically being healed!”

A medical miracle

Six months after BraveHearts I had my heart checkup and I told the doctor “I stopped taking the medication because I feel great and I think my heart’s better.” The doctor said, “Well, I have never had that happen, but we’ll check you out,” and I was good! He said, “Wow, you don't need the medication!”

I really think that Bravehearts changes you physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally and gives you the power that you need to to claim a life that you didn't feel was possible - but it is completely possible!

I can't say enough about how much Bravehearts has helped me:

  • to be happy

  • to be able to reach out to others

  • to be a good mom to my kids

  • to be able to go out into the world and make changes that will not only help me but help others

An emotional miracle

BraveHearts completely changed my life. Bravehearts awakened in me the truth that I had always known - that I could do it! It gave me the resiliency that I needed to be able to tap into my own power and my own strength. I knew I could go out and make a life that was beautiful, that I loved living, and that I didn't want to escape from."

The rest of the story...

This story would leave you hanging if I didn't tell you where Heidi is now. I called her today to check in. I asked her what impact Bravehearts was having in her life three years later. She said: "One of the things I am most excited about in my life right now is that I am on the governing board of Momivate. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping mothers find the resources they need to be supported in their life and to reach their full potential. Even though I am still raising little kids, Bravehearts helped me realize I have so much to contribute. It helped me figure out how to use my pain and trauma to help others. I still have challenging days! But Bravehearts has given me the tools I need to make every day meaningful."

Are you ready for your miracle?

Heidi is just one of the 100+ women who have attended Bravehearts.

If you are ready to take huge steps forward in your life, please join us at our next Bravehearts event. It could change your life.

September 24-26, 2020 in Holladay Utah

Three days to heal, to learn, to laugh, to grow, to let go, to embrace and to love.

We have 10 spots left. Is one of them yours?

Sending hugs, Robin

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