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Join us at our next BraveHearts

This retreat is designed with your heart in mind. You will laugh. You will cry. You will grow. You will transform. But most of all, you will spend time connected to your heart in a safe and loving environment.


Robin still remembers the first time she opened up and felt free to live from her full heart. That day became a turning point in her healing journey. Join Robin as she helps transform your heart so that you can live more fully each day.


The process for emotional healing involves 3 steps: acknowledge the blocks or challenges, accepting and releasing trauma/negative emotion, and aligning yourself with truth.  We will go through that process at the event and empower everyone to use this formula again and again. You will be guided by Robin and her staff as you work through your healing journey.


This is not a group therapy experience. Each person is allowed to go through this healing process in the privacy of their own heart. There are worksheets, meditations, and personal assistance when needed to allow your journey to be unique and powerful for you. We can learn from each other when someone chooses to share but it is not required. We will create a safe environment for you to heal and grow.  The workshop will include healing meditations, outdoor activities, and a powerful, healing drum circle. You will meet new friends.  You will take a giant leap forward into healing your heart and living each day with passion, peace and love. Learn how to live your life from a whole heart. 


NEW TRAUMA THERAPY RELEASE has been added to the event. 


The event is scheduled for Thursday from 1-9 pm.  Friday and Saturday from 9 am - 9 pm. It will take place in Holladay, UT.
Light snacks throughout the event. Lunch will be provided Friday and Saturday. You will have time to go to dinner in the evenings. There are several hotels nearby for anyone coming in from out of town. Space is limited so please register early to ensure your spot. We hope that if your heart is telling you "This for YOU!" that you will follow your heart and join us at this amazing event. Sending blessings to you in your life!! 

**COVID ACCOMMODATIONS** Due to the current COVID situation, we will only be accepting 20 people at the BraveHearts event. Our meeting room area is beautiful and spacious and give people plenty of room to spread out. We will also be doing some of the activities outside. Please bring a mask.

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BRAVEHEARTS RETREAT for Women  | $599 if registered by August 5th

September 24-26, 2020                              $699 if registered after August 5th


In the safety and privacy of a woman's group, you will find the courage to look at those parts of your heart and lives that deserve to be healed. Our heart is the most powerful part of who we are! When we shut down our heart or disconnect from our heart, we lose access to the most divine, and most powerful aspect of our being. Our heart is our greatest source of truth.


Join the ranks of women who have chosen to be brave! Who have chosen to love again! Who have chosen to face their life's challenges head on and move through them into a place where they are free to love again. 

Next Retreat: September 24-26, 2020

"Thank you for teaching me how to open the door to my heart and come home! Every woman should have such an experience!"  - MARYANN B.


"My life is forever changed because of this weekend. It was truly transformational. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take major steps forward in your life."   - DANIELLE J.


"I am leaving with a grateful heart and the ability to love with my whole heart and not fear it any longer."   - JANALEE C.


"I am not afraid to connect to, trust, and believe in myself again."  - NATALIE W.

"I love myself for the first time in 34 years!!!"  - PARTICIPANT






BraveHearts Testimonials

BraveHearts Testimonials

BraveHearts Testimonials
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Heidi G Testimonial

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