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What is Heart Centered Therapy?

Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) is a loving approach to spiritual-emotional healing that entrusts the voice of the heart to guide a person to wholeness. It is a gentle process. Robin guides you through a series of questions to help you identify turning points in your life that are still affecting your life today. These issues are explored and healed at the core. Personal issues and conflict come to resolution through love, acceptance, and transformation of the whole being.  

HCT uses dialoguing techniques that are guided by the wisdom of the heart. The heart naturally knows how to heal our consciousness and dissolve beliefs that may have held us in pain, confusion and/or separation. HCT offers deep healing without reliving the trauma.


It is a straightforward approach that respectfully reveals the core of an issue and offers gentle yet profound resolution. HCT is an experience that restores hope and vision. This depth of healing cannot be met until the heart is awakened. 


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