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HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU NEED A REIKI SESSION? Anyone would benefit from a session. If you are well, it will relax you. If you are struggling to heal physically it will release negative energy to allow your body to heal. If you are struggling emotionally, it will release negative emotions and help you find clarity & peace.

​WHAT ARE SESSIONS LIKE? During a reiki session, clients lay on a massage table dressed in comfortable clothing. Hands are placed on or above the body to work with the energy in each chakra. Reiki is very gentle and relaxing to receive. Sessions generally last 1 hour for children & teens, 1.5 hours for adults. 


Watch this short video to see a Reiki session and learn about the benefits of Reiki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural healing technique that has many benefits to the body, mind and soul. It relieves stress and tension, clears negative emotions, and removes energy blocks found in the body. When the energy of the body is balanced, it opens up the pathways for the body to heal. You will feel lighter, calmer, peaceful and relaxed when your session is done.

The Healing Touch of Reiki  |  $19

This is an online course introducing you to the basic principles of Reiki, including basic energy principles, the history of Reiki, chakras & auras, intuitive gifts and how to feel the energy and instructions for self Reiki all in the comfort of your own home. This is not a certification in Reiki, simply an explanation of key Reiki principles.

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