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We are all a blend of yin/yang energy. We all create dark and light.

We hold the balance of masculine and feminine.

In this meditation, feel the balance of yin and yang within you

like never before. Join Robin with special guest, Paul Cropper, 

and find the balance and peace you are searching for.

Meet The Contributors

Hey, I'm Paul Michael Cropper. You don't know me yet, but what I'm about to share with you transformed my life and many other's around the world.


I actually have a PhD, in Chemistry, which may sound weird or different from what most people expect.


I have done a lot of environmental chemistry, in particular. 


And I've come to understand that the place needing even more attention than planet earth, is the human heart, the Masculine Heart. As I've lived among cultures around the world, and worked with men and women, I've become passionate about healing hearts, and helping people operate with their full power and potential.


For men, the Masculine Heart is key.


The number one thing holding most men (and women) back from satisfaction and fulfillment is understanding their own heart. I am no different, this has held me back in the past.


I have spent countless hours working on and understanding my own heart. Like most men, I was taught to shut down my heart. I operated from my thoughts, and even though my thoughts were positive, even though I accomplished a lot, that wasn't enough for a fulfilled life. 

I knew something was missing and couldn't put my finger on it. That is until I learned to start looking at my heart.


What's missing for most of us men, is a connection to our masculine heart.

The heart has long been a spiritual concept, emphasized in spiritual thought, and religions. Now even science confirms that what people knew intuitively throughout history- the importance of the heart- is a reality. The heart is important for our complete health. It effects everything we do, the way we feel, and how we live.


I'm more than happy to wig out on the science around the heart... but that's not what matters here. Knowing the science is important, but what matters most, is the way you feel.


Work together with me to learn the skills and techniques to understand your heart, and access your happiness and life.


Nothing has has brought me more satisfaction and gratitude for life, than a healthy, thriving heart. This is the one thing that makes the biggest difference.  This is the real deal.


You can schedule a call with me or not, but either way, start realizing your Heart is more than a metaphor... much more.

Hi. I'm Robin Johnson. I am known as the Heart Whisperer.

I spent many years of my life battling depression and it took a toll on my heart. I didn't know how to process all that I was feeling and so to avoid feeling the pain, I would shut down my heart.

I didn't realize I was doing that. But feeling numb, or feeling nothing, was better than feeling the pain I was carrying.

After 20 years of struggle, I finally began a path to healing. This involved many things: my faith, reiki, prayer, cranial sacral therapy, sound healing, color therapy, and so much more.

As I found some healing, my first desire was to help others heal too. I was trained in Reiki and taught that for several years. I continued to be open to all avenues and paths to healing and found a modality that seemed just right for me.


I was trained in Heart Centered Therapy.

During this four day training, I realized for the first time in my life that I was disconnected from my heart. I also learned how powerful the heart is: It is a record-keeper of truth in our lives, it is the most powerful part of who we are, it is our divine connection and our greatest source of love, and compassion.

Once I learned the power and gifts of the heart, I never wanted to shut my heart down again. I learned that I can speak to my heart, and then listen for answers. The wisdom of my own heart provided so many answers for my path of healing. 

I felt alive and found passion and purpose in every day. I realized something so profound about our emotional or spiritual heart:

We all understand that without our physical heart, we would die. But we don't realize that without a connection to our emotional heart, we never fully live.

I took what I learned and designed a healing retreat to help women walk through the process of healing their hearts. The Bravehearts Healing Retreat for Women has guided hundreds of women to heal the pain and trauma of their past, learn to listen to and trust their heart again, and create a life that they love.

I believe life is a gift. I want to live each day fully. Intentionally. Present. Authentic. Filled with joy. I can only do that with my amazing heart.

If you are ready to walk the path to emotional freedom, i am here to guide you. Let's connect and help you find the emotional freedom you desire.

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