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Farmington, UT USA
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Robin's beautifully crafted sessions, art,

classes & retreats provide hope, healing and peace :

a fresh start for your heart.


Nominations are now closed for the BraveHearts event.
Thank you for everyone that participated!
You can still fill this holiday season with love by donating to help a single mother attend our BraveHearts retreat December 12-14. We have given out 25 scholarships this year so the single mother can attend for free. The regular retreat price is $399. While staff donates their time, there are still materials and food that need to be purchased for the event. Please click on the link below if you would like to donate to help make this miraculous event happen!

"Robin Johnson has a gift not common in today's world. She not only further opened my consciousness to realms outside this world, but literally unlocked my heart from within to a refreshed self love my soul had been waiting for."    -  JEFF OLSEN, Author  "Knowing"

"Robin has honed her unique intuitive gifts to retrieve the "knowing" within the heart. After just one in-person session, she connected me to a peace I haven't felt since I was a child. One of those miracle moments in life that teaches you a deeper meaning of compassion. She has blazed a trail to my heart that is very personal. Empowering me to take daring action in life with faith, hope and certainty."

-  BRADLEY DIDERICKSEN, Business Advisor 

"Robin graciously and lovingly guides you to release what hinders you and to embrace new tools for emotional and spiritual growth. Robin is a tsunami of love. I feel washed clean."

- DEBRA BRYANT, Ski Instructor

TESTIMONIALS from BraveHearts participants:
"I love myself for the first time in 34 years!"
"I came here just looking for a way to breathe again and I have found myself leaving here SINGING!" 
"Every woman should have this experience!"