The heart teaches us to be


My promise to you is that I will

create a safe place for you to heal and together we will create a path

to emotional freedom for you. As

The Heart Whisperer, it is important to me that we can be real with

each other. No expectations.

Nothing to hide. No pretenses.

No judgment. No wrong answers.

Your heart can only speak to you in truth and so let's speak to each other in the language of the heart.

I'm looking forward to connecting.

do you want to be inspired?


Robin speaks on a variety of topics. She is always open to meeting the needs of your audience. Here are common requests:

*  How to Heal a Broken Heart

*  The Power of the Heart

*  Learning to Love & Accept Yourself

*  Learning to Trust the Heart

*  What Scriptures say about the heart

*  Steps to Emotional Healing

*  How to Create & Manifest

*  Understanding Wholeness

do you need healing?

heart coach

Robin is passionate about helping people heal their hearts. Our heart is our greatest power. It is our divine connection. It is a wellspring of love and compassion. Our heart is the purest part of who we are.

Robin is trained in Heart Centered Therapy and Trauma Release. Her knowledge and gifts can help people in a variety of ways. She works with private clients in her office and online.


She created a retreat for healing the heart called BraveHearts. She facilitates healing for the whole group as women come together to find the tools they are looking for. It is a life-changing experience! 


do you need guidance and accountability?

Robin's top strength is being an activator. She loves to move people into action.


Her HEART Mentoring groups guide people through the process of opening up and connecting to their heart.

Her WHOLENESS Mentoring group helps people to connect to the four bodies: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Robin's CREATION Mentoring group is designed to help people take their idea and Robin will coach them through the manifestation process to bring it to life.




do you love to create?

Robin has harnessed the powers of creation and is gifted at manifesting her dreams. She has built 5 businesses in the last 20 years. Two of them have been sold to other companies and she continues to run three of them; the Heart Whisperer being one of those businesses. She created Serena Wholeness in Centerville, UT which is a center where they rent out office space and a classroom to holistic practitioners. She is also building and developing The Wholeness Network, which is an online community for knowledge and growth. She invites you to be part of both of those communities:




"I love myself for the first time

in 34 years. I feel free!"


"BraveHearts has changed my life forever. I can never repay these women for what they have restored to me: to open my heart and help me remember who I am."

"The biggest change I came away with is that I feel like it's OK to be a woman."


"Robin has a gift not common in today's world. She not only further opened my consciousness, but literally unlocked my heart from within to a refreshed self love my soul had been waiting for."

Robin graciously and lovingly guides you to release what hinders you and to embrace new tools for emotional and spiritual growth."


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"Robin has honed her unique intuitive gifts to retrieve the "knowing" within the heart. After one session, she connected me to a peace I haven't felt since I was a child. One of those miracle moments in life that teaches you a deeper meaning of compassion. She has blazed a trail to my heart that is very personal, empowering me to take daring action in my life with faith, hope, and certainty.

Robin is a tsunami of love. I feel washed clean.

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