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 Join the Revolution of women and men who are ready to heal their hearts so they can break free from the pain and limitations of the past, find self love and transform their relationships.


Before joining Bravehearts, people often describe their heart as being: 

Sad, tired, numb, broken, angry, hurt, heavy, disconnected, cold, guarded, and hesitant

When we ask them how their heart feels after BraveHearts, the most common responses are:

Empowered, hopeful, calm, whole, strong, expanded, free, healed, optimistic, light, full of joy!

New group starts every month

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"If there is anything in your life you can't get passed, if there is sadness or sorrow you feel, or if there is a feeling of 'I can't do this any longer!' then RUN to join this program.

It will change your life forever!!"


KRISTIN M, Mother of 4


The heart is our divine connection and Robin is a Christian. We don't discuss religion but she will share things about God, Christ, angels and teachings from the Bible. If this is uncomfortable for you in any way, this may not be the right program for you. Thank you for understanding.


You will recieve your Bravehearts Box filled with your learning material, as well as WEEKLY GIFTS to support your transformation and growth. 

Content to Watch

Robin will have online content to help you progress in your learning. Step by step videos will take you through the process of healing.

Healing Process

The Bravehearts program is created to support individual healing. The program is structured so that you can move forward at the perfect pace for you. The healing process is woven into the class curriculum and will be done individually with Robin, but you will get the chance to share what you are learning in our community online gatherings. 


Be open to all that you will experience at Bravehearts! From the private trauma release session before the event, to the yoga,  to the experiential learning activities. Come prepared to dive in and enjoy a rich experience of learning how to open your heart more fully and LOVE!!

Program Structure


In the safety and privacy of this group, you will find the courage to look at those parts of your heart and lives that deserve to be healed. Our heart is the most powerful part of who we are! When we shut down our heart or disconnect from our heart, we lose access to the most divine, and most powerful aspect of our being. Our heart is our greatest source of truth. Join the ranks of women and men who have chosen to be brave! Who have chosen to love again! Who have chosen to face their life's challenges head on and move through them into a place where they are free to love again. 

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Happy Man

“I finally believe that I can do it and that I am good enough. I love myself for the first time in 34 years.”


"I am giving myself permission to dream again and open my heart to new possibilities. The gift that was restored to me is LOVE! Thank you for helping me see my own divinity!"


"My heart was heavy with deeply rooted pains of the past. I felt it was just how my life was going to be. I had accepted the pain that was handed to me and thought it was my lot in life.

Now my heart is open to possibilities and experiences! My heart accepted the facts as facts and I collapsed a story that was scary and holding me back. It no longer has power over me. The tools I have learned will stay with me forever! I let go of the past and can create something new for my life!"


"My heart and my life were saved by this program! I didn't even know how broken I was and how much I needed this. I am now connected to a heart I left behind at 1 years old. I feel a connection that I cannot live without anymore...not one more minute!"



“The biggest change I came away with is a remembrance of who I once was and what I now choose to be. I am not afraid to connect to, trust, and believe in myself again.”


"The life changes can't be described! The love and strength I gained at BraveHearts is worth so much more than the cost of the retreat. I will leave the things that no longer serve me and live with passion from my heart. My heart is light, open, warm and free to LOVE!”


"The biggest change I came away with was giving myself permission to want, to have, to be what my heart desires. To sincerely be grateful for my trials - I never thought in a million years I would be grateful for my trauma! My heart is now ON FIRE! It feels excited, encouraged, mended and whole. This was 100% LIFE CHANGING!"


"I feel safe to be a woman for the first time in my life."


"After my divorce, my heart felt saddened and heavy like a lost soul. Now I have found the true me, and the light that I am. This experience unlocked my heart to truth and love!"


"Robin is a true master of the heart! She turned this doubter...of being able to deeply connect to one's heart...into a TRUE BELIEVER!!!"


“I now have a renewed sense of self. Robin and her beautiful angels helped me break down walls and helped me walk into the light.”


"I came in skeptical and scared, trying to live a small, quiet life, and now I only want to live big and loud chasing my dreams!"


“My life is forever changed because of Bravehearts. It was a safe place to let go of something I had carried that blocked me from creating what I wanted of my life. It was truly transformational. I would recommend this to anyone who is ready to take major steps forward in life.”


"My life will be different now because I see myself and others in a new light. I know I am a co-creator with God and destined for greatness! I will see others through my heart, but more importantly, I will see myself through my heart! I see my greatness and will not lose sight of that again!"





Participants who have gone through Bravehearts often come back to share how their lives have changed. They talk about having more meaningful relationships, happier children, more fulfillment in their work and the difference it has made in their home. They are stronger, more confident, and more connected to their truth. They are living life with passion and purpose as they connect to their hearts for guidance. They have learned how to trust their heart and have learned how to be guided by the wisdom of their hearts. They live in faith, not fear. Strength, not weakness.

Bravehearts is not a cure against life challenges. People share good and difficult things they have faced since Bravehearts. The powerful part of their stories is when they share how the tools they learned at BraveHearts helped them get through their trials and come out stronger on the other side. Bravehearts helps you gain the emotional resiliency needed for all of life's challenges.

The success of each persons's experience at Bravehearts depends on the effort they put in. We have a proven process to find healing. The more you put into Bravehearts, the greater your results will be. Watch the video to hear past Bravehearts share their results in their own words!


HEALINGEvery week of the 12-week program, Robin will take you through a private healing session, customized to where you are in the program, and what issues are surfacing for you. (45 min/week)


EDUCATION | Robin recorded her most powerful content to guide you step by step through the healing process. Each week you will watch the on-demand content at a time that fits your schedule. (1 hr/week)


APPLICATION | Learning the new information is first. Applying the information is next. Weekly homework


and community calls will give you the chance to make the information work for you. (1-2 hrs/week)

CREATION | Once you find the healing you are searching for, the next step is to open your world to the

new possibilities. You will be supported as you begin to create your new life.


Robin accepts 5 new students into the program every month. You will begin the first week of the month.

Schedule a 30 minute consultation with Robin and she will answer your questions to help you determine if Bravehearts is right for you.

Testimonials from Men

I have spent most of my adolescence and my entire adult life coping with traumas in unhealthy addictions. One addiction leading to another. It wasn't until I met Robin and started working with my heart that I understood why I stayed addicted. I am changed because of Robin and this program. I have been able to find so many answers to deep questions that I have had. Learning how to trust your heart is a gift I wish all men could find. If we are open and listen, our heart will guide us in ways that will bring you true freedom and happiness.

This program can be an amazing way to find your path through those challenges to help guide you.

From someone who has had many struggles and challenges, I can honestly say this gift has and will forever change the way I deal with those challenges. I am so grateful.  


Robin is a great listener and she makes me feel safe to talk about anything. I have a hard time expressing myself, but she always understands me.

I am happier now.

When a problem comes up, I find myself thinking, "How does that make me feel?" That helps me think before reacting emotionally.

When I went through my rough patch and struggled with alcohol, I couldn't wait to talk to her each week. I felt better every time I met with her.

She helped me feel more confident to get out of my turtle shell. I have never been able to make myself be social, but recently I was able to accept a fishing trip with some guys at work where I got to experience catching a 4 foot sturgeon and took me 20 minutes to reel in. Before working with Robin I would not have been able to make myself go.


My wife went to Bravehearts and I saw a huge change and transformation in her. I loved how it was changing our relationship but I felt like I was being left behind. 

I reached out to Robin and signed myself up for Bravehearts. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to our marriage.

We both feel better about who we are and that has made our relationship stronger.

The fighting and blaming has stopped and we both know how to connect to our hearts.

I don't know if anyone else could have helped me see my potential the same way Robin did. She was kind, but honest and it helped me realize I was ready to change.

If you are wanting to be a better version of yourself, Robin can take you there.



Video Testimonials from Women

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Schedule a 30 minute consultation with Robin and she will answer questions to help you determine if Bravehearts is right for you.

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Broken-hearted Christian men and women who are:

* Courageous enough to be vulnerable

* Looking for a supportive and safe environment to learn, grow, and heal

* Ready to move forward in their life, past their pain and suffering

* Ready to build confidence so they can be their authentic self

* Wanting to build a relationship of trust with their own heart

* Hoping to uncover and connect to their authentic self

* Desiring to learn how to access the wisdom of the heart

* Dealing with divorce or loss of any kind

* Feeling sadness more than hope

* Wanting to feel self-love after addiction recovery

* Ready to take responsibility for their emotions, their decisions, and their happiness  

* Ready to own their power and create the life they were born to create 



Women and men who don’t want to change and who aren’t ready to let go of their suffering. If you are not ready to move forward, and progress and want to continue being in a victim mentality, this is not the program for you. At Bravehearts, we address difficult experiences and do the work to find lasting healing. If you want results without effort, this program will not work for you. 

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"I lost my husband just months before Bravehearts started. My heart was no longer with me. I had lost all feeling and I was shattered. Now my heart feels light, pure, bigger than ever before. It is ready to share love and acceptance with everyone. I feel peacefully strong. I have a renewed love for God. I will never be the same."



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