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Heart & Home

I grew up singing some songs about the home that I still love:

"There is beauty all around when there is love at home."

"Home can be a heaven on Earth when it is filled with love."

I can't think of more truer words. My home is my heaven on earth. My home is my safe haven. My home is my world that I am creating here on earth.

A challenge I have faced over the years as my husband and I raised our little family, is that when there isn't love at home, things can be very discouraging for sure! It is hard to see the beauty of it all when everyone is fighting. It is hard for you home to feel like heaven when it isn't filled with love. We have had our good days and difficult days for sure. (Oh the stories I could tell you about those difficult days! haha)

I didn't know back then, what I know now about the heart. I wish I would have taught them more about connecting to, listening to, and nurturing their hearts.

So, even though I am an empty nester, I would like to design some lessons you can teach your kids about the heart. I hope you enjoy them. I hope you learn from them! I hope we all, as brothers and sisters on this planet, learn to open our hearts more. Things would change in this world for sure.

If you would like the first lesson free, click here and I will send it to you. When the series of 6 lessons is done, I will let you know if you want to purchase them.

Our hearts are so important! Take time in your families and home to speak about the heart. Educate about the heart. I know greater peace, love and happiness will be the result!

Sending love to you and your family!


PS. OK. Maybe just one story. HAHA!! I remember one day driving somewhere with 4 kids, 9 & under in the car. The baby (our only boy) was crying. One daughter was teasing another daughter who was then yelling at her to stop. The youngest daughter started crying from all of the craziness and there I was trying to stay sane and drive everyone home ASAP. Everything and everyone was out of my control and the noise level in the car was unbelievable. I got desperate and turned on some Disney music. A Cinderella song was playing and to try to create some distraction, I started singing with the music hoping they would join in. No one cared. The fighting and crying continued and so my singing got louder and louder. By now, I had joined in the crying with tears streaming down my face as Cinderella was singing her ever cheerful song. I kept singing now quite unaware of anything else in the car as tears flowed and I sang with all my might! We got to a red light and I stopped. Still singing, still crying, I became uncomfortably aware of a car next to me. Realizing my window was down, I turned to see who was watching and saw a man with a very distressed look on his face. Only then did I realize the noise in the car had stopped except for a mom crying her eyes out singing with Cinderella at the top of her lungs. I quickly stopped and smiled through the tears and said to the man who also had his window down, "I'm OK. We're OK. Hahaha!" I rolled my window up and didn't know whether to laugh or cry as we drove the last block home. :)

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