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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Several years ago, I was going through a difficult time and I had a lot of decisions to make. I didn't trust myself or my inspiration although I desperately needed answers. A friend of mine was helping me one day and I asked her advice. "How would I know what you should do?" she smirked. "There is only one person that knows!" Thinking she was talking about me, I started to protest. She laughed and said, "I'm not talking about you." I said, "Then who knows what I should do?" She stopped what she was working on and her piercing green eyes seemed to look into my soul. She replied, "God."

Call the connection doctor

You know those times when your internet isn't functioning and it suggests that you run the connection doctor? I was wishing there was a connection doctor for God. I knew He was there, but my answers seemed hit and miss. Sometimes I felt like the answer was yes, and sometimes no. I just didn't trust my ability to receive inspiration. I told her about my experience and that I prayed, but often wasn't clear about what, if any, inspiration I was receiving. Her answer was surprising. "Why don't you write Him a letter? That's what I do."

Forever Stamps

The thought of writing God a letter brought on a whole new meaning to forever (eternal?) stamps. "Why does that help to write God a letter? Does He write you back?" I laughed, thinking I was pretty funny. "Yes, He does." she replied. She went on to tell me that she writes a letter to God every day and then sits and waits for a letter back. She writes down the answers she hears in a journal.

After a long pause, I blinked. My friend was an entrepreneur. She was an incredible businesswoman. She didn't have to brag about her success. The evidence of her success drove her to every one of our meetings - her beautiful new Tesla, which she alternated with by driving her old Tesla. Somehow, in my assumption of her left-brained genius, I didn't see that coming. A letter to God? And He writes back?

Barnes & Noble trip

I drove home the long way, stopping at Barnes and Noble. I needed a journal worthy of a letter from God. I was going to try it. I woke up on September 18, 2015 and wrote my first letter. It was simple: I asked for help for one of my kids, I told Him a new idea I wanted to create, I asked Him if He thought I was the right one for the job? I asked if He could help me find the people and resources for my idea, I told him I loved Him and I told Him I was willing to do His will.

My first letter

I turned the page hoping that something would happen next. As I put the pen to paper and paused to listen, I heard the first two words: "Dear Robin." My heart swelled as I began to find thoughts filling my heart and mind. I wrote them down as I heard them. The final sentences were particularly encouraging: "Move forward in faith and light. You have been prepared for this. Create a safe place for healing to happen."

It worked! Wow. It worked!! I read and re-read the message. This beautiful practice helped me find my answers, day by day, to the questions I had. This practice has sustained me now for five years. It is how I hear my inspiration. The best part of writing it down is that you can go back and re-read your answers at any time.

My daily recipe

As I have written letters over the last 5 years, I have developed my own pattern for my letter-writing. This is how it works for me. You will find your own answers of how it works for you. These are the things that have been helpful:

  1. Write first, then start your day. When I write before I start my day, my mind is a blank slate. I am not worried yet about meetings, e-mails, laundry or deadlines. I trust my inspiration more when my head feels clear.

  2. Find a quiet place. I like to find a place where I won't be interrupted. Your heart will make the space sacred - even if it is the corner of a room.

  3. Connect to your heart. Often I start by reading scripture or something uplifting. You could meditate or simply be still for a moment.

  4. Have a 3x5 card with you. Sometimes I have thoughts about my day enter my head and if it is an important thought, it can put a block in the inspiration process. I like to write any significant thoughts down on a little card so I can address them when I am done. That way, I can put it out of my mind and re-focus.

  5. Trust & Listen. You can spend a lot of time doubting what you hear or feel. Try instead to simply trust. Sometimes I hear sentences. Sometimes I have thoughts. Sometimes I see images that I get to interpret. Sometimes I am guided to speak to someone or read something during the day. Sometimes the answers are long. Sometimes the answers are short. When the answers stop coming, sometimes I simply ask "Is there more?" Often the answers lead me to ask more questions. There are no rules. There is not a right or a wrong way to do this. Just try it!

This process has been the method behind 5 years of letters to God. These journals are priceless to me.

I hope this recipe has helped give you ideas for your own connection with God and the divine connection within you. I know having a tool and a recipe to follow has helped me.

Tools for the heart

I also teach a class that provides tools like this to help you manage your emotions and your heart connection. If you would like to learn more tools I hope you will join us for the upcoming Tools for the Heart Mentoring program. It is a 12-week program that will help you create emotional resiliency. You will learn recipes for emotions and feelings that can help you, your children, your spouse or anyone find greater emotional peace. Please join me for weekly classes, weekly calls, guided meditations, a workbook, and more! You can register here: https://www.theheartwhisperer.com/toolsfortheheart

I hope you find time to write a letter to God. If you do, let me know what He says back!

Have a blessed and fulfilling week!

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